CHALLENGES: The biggest challenges in the design task include fitting a large floor area into a small plot, integrating the underground parking facility beneath the square, and connecting the cinema to the residential building. Achieving acoustic separation of the cinema from the residential structure has required a significant number of specialized structural solutions. Additionally, the urban integration of a relatively tall building into its surroundings presents a challenging yet intriguing task. Due to the limited space on the tight plot, there was no room on the site for a communal courtyard for residents.

SOLUTIONS: Due to the high building density, the design solution had to be compact. The cinema section and the residential building are interconnected, yet they each have their own separate structural systems from the foundations upward. They also have independent building services systems. The structural design of the parking facility has significantly influenced the layout of the cinema and residential levels above, and vice versa. The communal courtyard for residents is located on the roof of the cinema. In the bustling urban environment, this elevated courtyard provides a quiet, private, and well-lit space. The common areas for residents are extensive and of high quality.

Interior architecture of Bio Rex: Partanen & Lamusuo Oy



7900 m2